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Process of formation of Parish Pastoral Council 2023-2026

230222 Nomination Form for the Parish Pastoral Council Election 2023
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Good Morning!

We have initiated the process for forming the next Parish Pastoral Council 2023-2026.

In the last Parish Pastoral Council Meeting the Election Committee was formed to hold the elections. The Committee has met and prepared a schedule for the elections. Accordingly the elections for selection of Parish Councillor/s from the communities wherever required will he held on Sunday, 26th March 2023.

The nomination from candidates duly proposed and seconded by community members will be accepted at the Parish Office till 18th March 2023.

Please create an awareness of the election process and encourage your community members to volunteer and represent the community as a Parish Councillor. A copy of the nomination form to be completed by the candidates is sent separately.

As per the constitution of the Parish Pastoral Council, an existing Parish Councillor is eligible for re-nomination in the event he/she has not completed two full terms. Any tenure of 18 months or less on the Parish Council will not be considered as a full term for considering the eligibility of the candidate.

I will be circulating a list of families in your community as per the records. Please return the same after updating the additions and deletions so that we have an updated list of families in case there is a need for elections in your community.

In case you need any clarification please contact me or anyone on the Election Committee.


Frederick DSouza

Vice President - PPC


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