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Sunday, 29th Dec 2018


Sunday Notices 30th December 2018

  1. Domestic Workers will have Christmas Party tomorrow / today at 4.00 p.m. on the ground floor of the school building.

  2. New Year eve services will be in the Church as follows:

  • 9.30 p.m. Holy half hour in Tamil

  • 10.00 p.m. Mass in Tamil

  • 11.30 p.m. Holy Half Hour in English

  • 12.00 Midnight Mass in English

  • Tuesday, 1st January is the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Masses will be like Sunday, except that there will be No Mass in the evening.

  1. PPC meeting will be held on Saturday, 5th January after the evening Mass in the Parish Hall.

  2. Children will not have Sunday school on Sunday, 6th January but instead will have Christmas party from 4.00 to 6.00 p.m. on the ground floor of the school building.

  3. Community Coordinators & PPC members are once again reminded to submit the Quarterly Report of their community for the months of October, November and December in the Parish Office without further delay.

  4. Kindly return the envelopes of Campaign against hunger & disease to the Parish office with your contribution latest by Saturday, 5th January.

  5. Sr. Citizens will have a get-together on Thursday, 10th January at 5.00 p.m. on the ground floor of the school building. Registration can be done with the members sitting at the desk outside with payment of Rs.50.00 per person. Last day to register is Monday, 7th January.

  6. In keeping with our Parish Golden Jubilee celebration, a two day program titled “ROSARIAN FAMJAM” has been organized. It will be held on 12th & 13th January. For registration kindly contact your Zonal Coordinators or PPC members / Community Coordinators.

  7. Admissions to Aquinas International School for Nursery to Grade VI for the academic year 2019 - 2020 are open.Application forms are available in the school office during office hours.

Rev. Dr. Francis Carvalho

Parish Priest


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