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Sunday Notices - 24 July 2022

Announcement for the Week

1. Today, Sunday 24th July 2022, communities under Fr Anto Denish will be celebrating their parents and grand-parents day after the evening Mass.

2. On Sunday, 31st July, 2022 evening Mass will be conducted by the Rosarian Youth Group. Parents are requested to participate in this Eucharist celebration.

3. Confirmation Classes begin on Sunday, 24th July 2022 at 4.00 PM in the Parish Hall. All those registered are needed to be present.

4. Youth meetings are held every Sunday after the 6.00 PM Mass in the Parish Hall. Requesting the youth of the Parish to join the Youth Ministry.

5 . Online Bible quiz will be conducted on 31st July 2022 , from the books of 1&2 Thessalonians, 1&2 Timothy. For further details please contact Fr Anto.

6. Model Co.op. Bank Ltd is recruiting freshers and experienced bankers – for further details kindly refer our notice board.

Rev. Fr Colman Carlos

Parish Priest.


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