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Sunday Notices - 20th December 2020

1. On Thursday 24th December there will be mass at 6.30 am as usual.

Christmas Eve Masses as follows

6.00 pm in Tamil & 8.00 pm in English

Friday 25th December (Christmas Day Masses as follows):

6.30 am in Konkani

8.00 am in English

9.30 am in Tamil

11.00 am in English

12:30 pm in English

Kindly note there will be No Evening Mass.

The seats for all masses on 24th & 25th December are booked.

Saturday 26th December

6.30 am mass in English.

6.00 pm in English

7.30 pm in Tamil

Sunday 27th December

6.30 am in Konkani

8.00 am in English

9.30 am in Tamil

11.00 am in English

6:00 pm in English

For weekends please note registrations for mass of your choice is necessary.

To enable us to accommodate maximum number of parishioners for these masses please note that the Sunday obligation is dispensed with. Hence children below 10 years and those above 65 with any sickness are requested to refrain from coming to church for masses. This is in keeping with Government and church directives. Those at home may watch any online mass.

For those at home there will be live streaming of the evening masses on the 24th December & live streaming of the 6.30 am, 8.00 am & 9.30 am masses on the 25th December, Christmas Day.

2. If anyone wants to avail of the Sacrament of Confession, you may contact any priest for an appointment.

3. We have started Bible Class in our Parish those who would like to attend kindly note the timing is from 7.30 to 8.30 pm. in the Parish Hall every Sunday.

4. RCIA classes have started from 13th December 2020 at 11.30 am in the Parish Hall.

5. Kindly note those who have given their names for Tamil Bible Diary, once we receive the same, we will inform.

6. Mass Diary for the year 2021 has arrived, booking for the masses has to be done a month before to the date e.g. if you want to book a mass for January 20 you can book on Dec 20.

7. Calendars are being distributed. Please collect your copy from the Church Office.

Rev. Dr. Francis Carvalho

Parish Priest


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