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Sunday Notices - 15th November 2020

1. Next week is Christ the King feast

Mass in Tamil at 9 am

Mass in English at 10.30 am followed by adoration as follows:

- Adorationin Tamil at 11.30 am

- Adorationin Konkani at 12.30 pm

- Adorationin English at 1.30 pm

- Adorationin Marathi at 2.30 pm.

Kindly encourage all your family members to participate in this adoration.

2. In view of diwali, there will be no Sunday School today and next Sunday.

3. Soon we will start the Bible cell in our parish. Those who have completed the ministry of the word, please contact Dn. Tony as soon as possible.

4. Those who would like to have a copy of the bible diary 2021, kindly pay Rs. 150/- per copy in the Church office latest by 29th Nov.

Please note only English and Tamil Bible diaries are available.

5. The mass intentions will be taken a week before for the following week. Latest by Thursday of the pervious week. So kindly do not come at the last moment to give mass intentions. This mass intentions will be put up in our church website.


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