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Sunday Notices - 11th December 2022

Announcement for the Week

1. Today is Third Sunday of Advent.

2. Confessions during the season of Christmas will be on 17th, 18th, and 19th December 2022 from 6.00 PM to 8.30 P.M, in the school quadrangle. Priests will be coming from outside.

3. There will be singing of Christmas Carols on Friday, 16th December, 2022 after the evening Mass.

4. Christmas Masses are as under:

24th December, 2022 (Christmas Eve):

- Carol singing in Tamil at 5.45 PM followed by Mass in Tamil at 6.00 PM

- Carol singing in English 8.00 PM followed by Mass in English at 8.15 PM

25th December, 2022, (Christmas Day)

Morning Masses will be as usual on Sundays.

Kindly note there will be no evening Mass.

5. School basement is available for Month’s Mind & First Death Anniversary. To register, please contact Parish office.

6. Kindly note those who have not collected the refundable deposit of the year 2020 for the earlier booking of the basement, please collect the same by December 15, 2022 by producing the original receipt. If not, the amount will be considered as donation to Church.

7. Kindly note Archidocesan’s Annual Advent Campaign against Hunger and Disease donation envelope through Centre for Social Action will be distributed along with your annual 2023 calendar. The same will be given to you by your PPC member. Kindly donate for the good cause .

8. Sr Martha Mondal of Sneha Sagar Society will be in our Parish on Saturday, the 17th and Sunday, the18th December, 2022 to raise funds for their various outreach projects. They will be selling pickles and will also have donation box. Please help them by your contribution.

9. Our online admission for Jr. Kg will be starting in January 2023. Details will be available shortly.

10. Those who wish to renew their Examiner subscription for the year 2023, kindly make a payment of Rs 1,000/- in the Church office.

Those who have subscribed for the year 2022,; kindly make a payment of Rs 100/- for the Christmas issue in the Parish office.

11. The Bombay Catholic Sabha invites applications from eligible students for the Awards for Academic year 2021 – 22. For more details please see our Church Notice Board.

The Bombay Catholic Sabha of our Parish is conducting a Sabha membership drive from Thursday 8 December 2022 after the all the masses on Sundays. Membership forms are available at Sabha desk at Church Compound.

12. Bosco Boys Welfare Society is organizing Gospel Music Concert today. For further details, refer to the banner displayed.

Rev. Fr Colman Carlos

Parish Priest


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