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"Spreading the Light of Christmas" Examiner article by the Rosarian Youth Group

The light of Christmas dispels every darkness.

The youth of Our Lady of Rosary Church, Goregaon along with their spiritual director, Fr Anto Denish, decided to celebrate Christmas in a unique way this year. Donning Santa caps, filled with joy in our hearts, we visited all those grieving families who had lost their loved ones during the course of the year. Every family welcomed us with great love and joy as we greeted them. Fr Anto led us in prayer at each home. We then distributed some Christmas sweets that we had carried along. Our aim was to comfort them and make them feel loved and cared for during the Christmas season. We could also empathize with their pain of losing a loved one.

On December 31, we paid a visit to a group of transgender people. Our society treats transgender people with hate and disrespect. However, following the teachings

of Jesus, who said we must love and serve one another, we visited them, and spent a wonderful time with them. They welcomed us warmly; they shared the struggles they face each day and the hate they receive from people. It was indeed nerve-wracking to hear how much trouble they had to endure from their families. Since their families discovered they are transgender, they were tortured, and eventually at a very young age, they left their homes and their families. No one wishes to off er them jobs anywhere, because they are transgender. Listening to them gave us an insight of how difficult it is for the transgender people to live in our society. We shared a few teachings of Jesus with them, and prayed

together for them. Lastly, we cut a cake along with them. It was indeed a beautiful experience for each one of us.

Conrad Caldeira & Melita Chettiar

Rosarian Youth Group

(Examiner Article Jan 09-15,2021)


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