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Singing & Elocution Competition - BCS

Dear Friends and Sabhaits ! The COVID-19 lockdowns have confined us to the four walls of our homes thus artificially cutting us off from each other.

In order to break this long period of physical distancing and enforced solitude, The Bombay Catholic Sabha Our Lady of the Rosary Parish unit Goregaon West has initiated a series of events in the for our Parishioners in particular and Sabhaites in general!

The inaugural event - one of our Annual Plan Activity - will be the programme which is displayed in the above banner. The Parish clergy team was also pleased to promptly approve our initiative and the theme of the programme.

Therefore, we urge and appeal to our Parish children and youth to participate in large numbers in the programme which will be held online *on 15 th August 2020 from 4.30* p.m.onwards.

We urge all of our Sabha members , PPC members and SCC Community leaders to encourage our youth and children to participate.

Once registrations are over, we will create a WhatsApp group and send the programme lìnk to all the participants.

For further details and information kindly refer to the programme banner .

Queries will be answered on the following mobile nos.

Sylvester Anthony

Hon.Chairperson : 9920438201

Godwin Menezes

Hon.Treasurer: 8433954325

Alex Dsouza

Hon .Secretary : 989223774

Romit Alfred

Programme Host :9167019598

Deacon Tony

BCS Spiritual Director : 9867395125


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