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SCC Rally 2023 | Small Christian Community - Hope and Revival


Good Morning!

The Steering Committee of our Parish is organising *Small Christian Community (SCC) Rally* on *Sunday, 19th February 2023.*

The theme for the Rally this year is *Small Christian Community - Hope and Revival*.

The SCC Rally will begin on *Sunday, 19th February 2023* with Eucharistic Celebration at *6.00 p.m.* in the Church followed by a program put together by parishioners.

A registration coupon will be issued to parishioners attending the SCC Rally at *Rs 50/- per coupon*. The amount collected will be used to defray the expenses including the cost of snacks, which will be distributed to the parishioners after the program.

*Sponsorships from parishioners are welcome and anyone wanting to sponsor may contact Dn Tony Francis. The names of the sponsor can be kept anonymous on request.*

I request your cooperation and support to the SCC Rally. Please help with the registrations from your community and submit the same to the Parish Office within the time limits mentioned above.


Francis Rebello

Parish SCC Coordinator


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