Vacation Bible Joy

Vacation Bible Joy (VBJ) 2018-2019 was held from 12th November to 17th November 2018 in our parish at Our Lady of the Rosary Church. It was conducted by the Rosarian Youth with the assistance of confirmation students of the parish under the guidance of Father Robinson. The theme of this year was ‘Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments’. It was an amazing opportunity for the Youth of our parish as we got to relive our own VBJ experiences. Each day started with a General Assembly and then began the classes where Bible Verses of the day and Bible reading was learnt and done by the kids with great enthusiasm. Apart from that, The Action songs, Bible quiz and the Activities made the children learn more and more. The Children‘s Day celebration was held in the parish hall along with many exciting games. The Vacation Bible Joy week ended with a great Closing Ceremony where the parents of the children who attended VBJ came to experience the joy and the learning of their children. The children performed skits on the sacraments they have learnt and performed their favourite action songs for their parents. It was a very joyous and great experience for the youth and even the children. Looking forward to another year of VBJ soon.

- Denisa Raj


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