Mission Sunday - 20th & 21st October 2018

Mission Sunday was Celebrated on 20th & 21st Oct, 2018 in Our Lady of the Rosary Parish. Mission Sunday is a reminder to all Christians about the fundamental missionary character of the Church and of every baptized person. By this we are called to proclaim the Gospel to all not only by words but by our service too. The Teachers of the Catechism Class walked the talk by taking the lead to show it by their action and service. All the Teachers met and planned the activity to raise funds for the mission by putting up stalls in the Church Compound and offering various food delicacies and games. The Teachers grouped themselves to take on to making delicacies like pork vindaloo, pork chili, kheema-pav, fugias, sannas, idli, butter chicken mayo roll, sweet corn chicken soup, cake pops, games. To ensure crowd control, advance orders before the Mission Sunday were taken. Youth who are full of energy and enthusiasm were asked to help out with the Games. There was great patronizing by the Parishioners who had their breakfast, lunch and dinner by visiting the Church during these times and also packed some for the family at home. Both the children and adults tried their hands on the games putting their best skills forward. To top it all there was a hamper of goodies and many tried their luck on it.

The Teachers tireless toiled long hours in service ensuring the demands for the dishes were met. It was a great experience for the Teachers to serve with love and to proclaim the Gospel by their act of charity.

- Robert Rocky Machado


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