Eucharistic Prayer Group Testimony

I came to know about this prayer group in the year 2006. I was in depression and sad due to huge debt problem my husband was facing and there was no peace in the family. I started attending the Monday Prayer meetings every week and surrendered all my petitions at the feet of the Lord. I had an awesome experience of the presence of Lord Jesus and anointing of the Holy Spirit during every prayer service. I was like waiting when Monday will come and I can attend the prayer meeting. All the prayer group members were kind and loving and always ready to pray for us. I felt that the Lord was in control of all my problems. I experienced the love, joy and peace of Christ. And very soon all my debts were settled in a miraculous manner. Again in October 2009, I was afflicted by a rare disease. I had a severe pain in my head. Whenever, I used to stand /sit the pain would start, which was unbearable. First the doctors were not able to diagnose my sickness. I prayed continuously lying on the bed for guiding me to the right doctor and that I should be given the right diagnosis. Prayer request was sent to EPG, Everybody were praying for me. Finally after 10 days the sickness was diagnosed as Intracranial Hypertension. I was hospitalised for 15 days. After discharge from the hospital also I was to be on bed rest for 2 months. His grace was always there upon me. Lord Jesus healed me completely. And now you can see me working for the glory of God. Since the time I have joined the Eucharistic Prayer Group, there is no turning back. Lord Jesus is in control of everything in my life. He always guides me in the right path. The Lord has lifted me up in life, in my family life, spiritual life and personal growth also. During every prayer meeting I feel the grace of God. I want to thank all my brothers and sisters of the Eucharistic Prayer group who have been a support for me all this years. My daughter Theola was suffering with squint eye problem. I surrendered her at the feet of the Lord. My prayer group members interceded for her. The lord guided us to the right doctor and the right diagnosis. She was healed completely through a mini operation. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus for coming into my life and making me a part of this prayer group.

- Maria Chettiar


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