Article from Divine Mercy Community, Teen Dongri

Since the last 3-4 years we have seen transformation within the community, and the standard of living in slums and living in an apartment. Residential life was privatized, often far removed from work life or spiritual involvements. As a child I grew up with the annual visitation of Our Lady of Rosary around our vicinity at Teen Dongri. People of all faith came together, to make this day memorable. This was until 8 years ago. It is time to tell a new story that is honest and realistic, that celebrates what is good, acknowledges that community can and do grow to the things that need to change. To ensure Jesus’ ministry can be delivered to the whole community, we proposed a common rosary and Eucharistic celebration on the last day, same as was being done earlier. This was welcomed by the Konkani and the Tamil community who requested to partake in the event. The sense of organising this event jointly brought about a nostalgic atmosphere. The ground was arranged, priest was informed, budget was finalised, flow of event accepted, all this within 7 days of the event. The rosary was conducted by both the community members in English, Konkani and Tamil. Mass was celebrated by Fr. Frank and co-celebrated by our spiritual director Dn. Sebastian. Mrs. Carmen Soares was felicitated for her selfless contribution towards the welfare of the community elders, aged and the sick, we plan felicitate one elder from the community each year. The responsibility of demonstrating in word and works the love of Jesus Christ, in a way that is deeply attractive is the responsibility of every single Christian.

- Joyce Parmar & Swami Chettiar (Divine Mercy & Epiphany Community)


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