First Holy Communion - By a Catechist

On the 2nd of December Our Lady of the Rosary Parish was all decked up for the most Holy Sacrament of receiving Jesus .We were blessed to have forty - nine of our children receive Jesus.

Our children began their preparations from the month of June along with their parents and Catechists. Special talks and workshops were held for the parents.Our catechist too attended special talks to guide the children through this special journey of theirs.

This is such a grace - filled time for the child as well as the family. A child's First Holy Communion is the first of a lifetime of being spiritually nourished at the Eucharistic table with God 's family at mass.

Through this sacrament the child receives Jesus for the first time and that is one of the most important aspect of our Catholic faith. Both the Catechist and the parents worked to see that the child's faith is strengthened and enriched by this process.

So Congratulations to our dear children. Make us proud by walking on the path we have shown you. Do attend Sunday School regularly and join the choir and altar servers.Seeing you in these places gives us Catechists immense joy.

- Debbie Rego


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